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Our sales force is comprised of knowledgeable, trustworthy, dedicated salespeople. Our contract sales representatives are well-informed, trained and up-to-date on the latest technologies for the cable television industry.

Steve Miller
Michael Cooke

Steve Miller President and Founder. Steve started in the cable television industry as a system manager for Time Warner in Martinsburg, WV, in 1973. In 1979, he left systems operations to work in sales for GTE Sylvania and relocated to the St. Louis area. After a year and a half, he was promoted to Regional Manager in the Southeast and moved to Marietta, GA. In October, 1981, Steve helped start MicroSat SE, Inc., which was part of a Canadian company, MicroSat Communications. He bought the company a year later. With the help of some talented sales personnel, MicroSat has grown year after year since its inception.



Michael Cooke Vice President of Sales and Marketing. Michael began his career in the cable industry in 1987 at Cable TV Supply in Atlanta, Georgia. Focused on distribution and project management, Michael coordinated the supply of materials and equipment for many major upgrades and rebuilds throughout the 90s, working closely with all MSOs in the southern U.S. He has held several management positions, including sales and operations, and served as the Southeast Regional Manager for TVCís Technology Group, where he was responsible for introducing and building new markets for emerging technical products. In 2002 he joined MDC Communications as VP Sales and Marketing, a consulting and equipment supply company assisting network integration providers on projects from California to Georgia. Michael joined the MicroSat team in September, 2005.